Thursday, February 4, 2021

thrifty thursday #21

Here's how I've saved or made a buck lately!
  • Heated up a large bag of chili that my mom gave me and I had in the freezer in my dutch oven and added some quinoa to it for added protein and then served it over mashed potatoes.
  • Selling excess items on Facebook Marketplace and it's been slow but lucrative.
  • Bought a new stick vacuum for my primarily laminate floored apartment, so I sold my older upright vacuum to a friend and made $20.
  • Started a great new job with a significant pay raise, so I'm excited to not struggle so much, haha.
  • Several items have moved on Poshmark and Mercari. Less clutter, more cash!
  • While I did buy a new car, I let the SiriusXM run out and didn't renew.
  • Utilized gas station rewards programs to save money off fuel and items.
  • Shopped for groceries with coupons.
  • Ordered lunch via apps and scored free meals at Wendy's and Burger King via rewards and coupons. (I eat out about once a week and let the rewards points add up)
  • Gave feedback about a very poorly made sandwich I got from Panera and received a reward for a free sandwich (be sure to compliment companies, too!)
  • Picked up a local offering of free used bubble and poly mailers that I can reuse to ship items
  • Dunkin' has free coffee every Monday in February for rewards members!
Share your money-saving ways in the comments!


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