Friday, July 24, 2020

no food waste friday

  • I made soup in my new dutch oven and used up a lot of freezer foods! A bag of frozen diced chicken, edamame, some black bean juice.
  • That same soup let me use up some pantry items as well. Quinoa, lentils, great northern beans, potato flakes, and diced tomatoes!
  • I half steamed a bag of Brussels sprouts that were in the freezer, then put them in a cast iron pan and cooked them until they were crisp. I added parmesan cheese in the pan and then the last of our balsamic vinaigrette once they were in the serving bowl.
  • I picked up some ricotta for lasagna soup and didn't have anything else to use it in, so I made ravioli soup the next week and used more. The last few spoonfuls I finished up in pasta sauce.
  • I blended up the last five inches of a french bread loaf to use for bread crumbs, mixed with parsley, black pepper, salt, and garlic powder.
  • We had a few chicken wings leftover from a take out order, so I stripped the meat from the bone, shredded it, and added it to a pasta salad I made.
  • I didn't have any crushed tomatoes for vegan lentil taco meat, so I pulsed a can of stewed tomatoes in the food processor.
  • For some reason I had about a half cup of pasta left in a bag, so I poured it in with some rotini I cooked for tuna salad, which also used up the last can of tuna.
  • My best friend offered me the rest of a pizza they wouldn't eat and a couple garden squash. So grateful!
  • I pulled a container of frozen black beans out of the freezer and added them to a pot of chili I made.