Thursday, April 23, 2020

thrifty thursday #20

  • We were lazy one night and ordered a pizza for takeout (not frugal) BUT we received 30% off for whatever reason at Papa John's, so it made it slightly better.
  • I air dry my work clothes as often as possible. I only have two work shirts and two pairs of work pants, so I try to coordinate my laundry with other everyday laundry.
  • We opened up a free sample of Lion Hawaiian Coffee in our resusable k-pod and it's very good!
  • I started my annual seeds and hope it pays off! I only managed a few tomatoes last year, but hopefully I get more this year.
  • I'm an essential employee at a retirement community so I've been fortunate to continue working. Wash your hands! Stay home!
  • I ordered my free birthday gift from Sephora.
  • Someone was looking for a plant in my local group, so I separated one of mine and sold it to her for $2.
  • Kroger tailors their mailed coupons based on your frequent purchases so we received $2.15 off items we would have bought anyway, in addition to 25¢ back via ibotta.
  • In that same Kroger trip, I managed to score two pre-marinaded chicken breasts for 99¢ marked down from $5. We went shopping on 4/15 and they were dated for 4/17. I picked them right up and put them in the freezer.
What are some ways you've saved or made money lately?