Thursday, December 5, 2019

thrifty thursday #19

  • Kroger mailed out their quarterly (I think?) coupons and we received coupons for a free bag of Tostitos and a free jar of store brand pasta sauce. Always great to get those!
  • I earned $1.20 back from ibotta from a visit to Kroger.
  • I started a new job and gained so many more benefits. Getting two full meals a day is just one of the fringe benefits, but health, dental, vision, and life insurance for very little out of pocket is even better!
  • My commute went from 36 miles one way to 6.2 miles one way. I drive less miles round trip than I did on the trip just to work previously.
  • I sold a spare piece of furniture we had put in our storage unit and made $50.
  • The man in front of me at Food Lion didn't have an MVP card so I put my phone number in. It saved him money and I inadvertently got $1.25 via ibotta.
  • I got a great deal on Ulta's foaming hand soaps a while back and I just refill them with water until they don't suds anymore.
  • There's a uniform at my job so I personalize with earrings and hair accessories. I bought a 12 pair set of earrings at Michael's for $3.49 after a 50% off coupon!

  • Verizon yielded me a free year of Disney+! The Mandalorian is really good so far!
  • I hang dry my work clothes and they air dry overnight, saving from running the dryer.
  • The dog food brand we use isn't easily found locally in a 40lbs bag. Locally, a 28lbs bag of this food is $31.99 while a 40lbs bag of this food is available on Amazon for $36.99 AND they'll bring it up the steps upon delivery. It's pretty obvious that I buy the forty pounds online for the better deal.
  • I made a quick $10 by selling a necklace display via the FB Marketplace
How have you been thrifty this week?


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