Sunday, November 17, 2019

things i decluttered in august/september/october

We live in a small apartment. I've been working at decluttering and thought I'd start documenting what I've moved out of here!
  • Numerous articles of clothing via Poshmark and Mercari
  • Two plants, given as gifts
  • An older hairdryer that had started to spark, recycled at Best Buy
  • A giant box of books and DVDs of Kyle's, which we transferred to our storage unit
  • While not clutter, I went to see my month old nephew in August and took over the book collection and shirts I'd collected for him (that sweet bb angel slept on me for two hours!)
  • I bought a plant for my best friend's new office and used a pot I already had at home to repot
  • Two large bags of flimsy plastic (packaging, ruined grocery bags, sandwich bags); taken to Kroger for recycling
  • I sold three of my numerous plants to someone in a FB plant group
  • I donated four large bags (in reusable bags to downsize the collection) of clothing
  • Five plants and three pots that didn't bring me joy, given to members of local FB plant groups
  • A stack of thirteen grower's pots from plant purchases over the months, to a friend
  • A wire shelf and a large container of flower pots (shown), moved to our storage unit
  • I'm a bit of a jar hoarder, so I sucked it up and recycled a bunch I had sitting around the kitchen
  • I listed an old cracked Critter Keeper for free on the FB marketplace and someone came to pick it up. It was still good for dry critters and transport, so I didn't want to trash it just yet. It went to a teacher to use for her students!
  • Kyle redid his closet and we had a few dozen metal hangers to get rid of. I listed them for $5 on the FB marketplace and someone came and got them same day!
  • I gave a few flower pots and some cuttings away to a friend at work
  • The thrift store at the retirement community where I work is having a huge sale, so I gathered a ton of clothing, hangers, rooted plant cuttings, and plastic pots for them. All proceeds go to Alzheimer's research!
  • My mom wanted a couple items out of my Poshmark closet so I mailed them to her. 
  • I took two more huge bags of items to the thrift shop at work!
  • We used up and tossed some candles that were sitting around.
What have you decluttered lately?