Friday, September 20, 2019

low waste travel silverware

Kyle, my fiance, lives in hotels for six months out of the year. We went through one and a half baseball seasons before I had the idea to get him his own reusable silverware in a little pouch so he didn't repeatedly waste plastic utensils. I bought the pouch for 99¢ and the three piece of silverware for 30¢, all at the thrift shop. A run through the washing machine and dishwasher and he had a like new set of reusable dinnerware that could be easily transported! He bought the small bottle of dish detergent so he could wash it himself (I'm still working on getting him over to cruelty free products), but I'm proud that he was receptive to this and took to it easily. He hand washes them while on the road, but I run them through the dishwasher in the offseason and store them until spring. I plan to refill the little bottle of detergent with our stock at home, so that eliminates a little more waste for a while.

Let me know your ways of saving waste in the comments!


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