Thursday, August 15, 2019

thrifty thursday #17

  • I sent off a large box of recycling to Terracycle using their free shipping label and a recycled Amazon box.
  • The orders I received on Poshmark were all mailed off in recycled packaging that I'd received items in.
  • I cancelled my Hulu account.
  • Recently I found an older hair dryer in a storage box. I really liked it, but it had started to spark occasionally and wasn't safe as a back up. So I took it to Best Buy and recycled it.
  • One night I really wanted Taco Bell for dinner but I knew I had everything I needed for lentil tacos at home. So I drove past the exit and made tacos at home for dinner!
  • More sales have come in on Poshmark and Mercari! It's not much, but it helps.
  • I checked my email for a Hallmark coupon as I wanted to go get a thank you card for my best friends who dog and house sat for me while I was gone and discovered a BOGO free coupon!
  • I redeemed some points via Mapco Rewards and saved a combined 22¢ off per gallon of gas.
  • There's still time to get your free e-book from Amazon First Reads! I snagged Here to Stay by Mark Edwards.
  • It was time to order more Swiffer pads but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Instead, I ordered two reusable pads from Etsy. No more waste and extra expense there!
Send me your thrifty posts!


Friday, August 9, 2019

free food items

Food Lion sent out their weekly email highlighting digital coupons and I managed to score two free items! This six pack of Mott's applesauce and a can of Bush's savory beans.

Definitely check out those emails! I saved $4.09 off my purchase and got some nice snacks and a side for a dinner.


Tuesday, August 6, 2019

how to save money at the airport

I'm the target market for the travel industry. I'm notorious for spending money on food and souvenirs when traveling. There are money traps everywhere just waiting for folks like me to fall into them. Here's a few ways that I save money at the airport.

Bring your own water bottle. // These one might seem silly, but bottled water costs upwards of $3. THREE DOLLARS! Per bottle. Ludicrous. However, you are permitted to bring your own water bottle! It must be empty to get through security, but then you can fill it up at the water fountains on the other side. No waste, either!

Bring your own entertainment. // I once forgot my crossword puzzle book when I flew to see Kyle. I ended up paying five times the price for one at the little airport store. Never again! I make sure I have a book to read, portable charger for e-books on my phone, crossword puzzle (and pen!! I paid $3 for a souvenir pen once), headphones, and a small notebook for notes.

Bring snacks! // I brought my own smaller bags of chips and a king size candy bar. They did have to be scanned outside of my backpack through security, but I saved a few dollars.

If you have to eat, stick to appetizers. // There is a fantastic restaurant in the airport I typically fly out of. They also have some pricey entrees on their menu. However, I always get an appetizer. It's still money I could've saved bringing my own food, but it's a little treat for myself because it's so good. It's also several dollars cheaper than buying a full meal.

Fly with only a carry on. // Obviously this isn't always possible. Some seats don't allow carry ons, so make sure you have one that does! When I fly to umpire I have to have my gear bag, which I can only check. If you can though, try to only fly with a carry on. You'll avoid checked bag fees (and potentially super pricey overweight fees) and you'll know your luggage hasn't been lost.

Don't pay for wifi. // I know it's tempting to pay for it on the flight, but seriously? Do you really need it? Chances are the people you're in contact with already know you're going to be on a plane.

If you have any more tips, drop them in the comments!