Thursday, July 11, 2019

thrifty thursday #15

  • Two more sales via Poshmark (including a 5 item bundle!) were shipped out to their new homes.
  • I scored an excellent deal on sunscreen at Ulta.
  • While at the county fair I was given a free basil plant.
  • I cleaned out my inbox some more and unsubscribed from more emails so I'm not tempted to buy things just because they're on sale.
  • I brought sandwich fixings and a huge tomato (that Kyle's mom gave me) to the office for lunches for the short holiday week.
  • Pot stickers have been my latest go to snack, so I picked up a couple bags at Dollar Tree along with some spices and oxygen cleaner.
  • Amazon didn't overnight a package that I'd paid $6.99 for shipping, so I called to get a refund on that and they ended up not only refunding my shipping costs, but even gave me a $10 promotional credit. I only wanted the shipping to be fixed, but that was a happy accident. I was having trouble finding the specific products to use the credit on, but I found this tutorial to help.
  • I'm currently preparing a few plant babies to sell, so that's more space available and a few dollars in my pocket!
Let me know your frugal ways for the week!


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