Thursday, May 30, 2019

thrifty thursday #14

  • I've made a handful of sales the past few weeks on Poshmark and Mercari.
  • My jar hoarding habit has really come in handy for all the rain water I've been collecting for my plant collection. Free rain means a lower water bill!
  • I redeemed 7¢ off per gallon via Mapco Rewards.
  • I dropped collision coverage on my auto insurance and I'll be receiving a little premium back and it'll drop my monthly premium payment to around $50 per month. This worked for my situation, but don't just drop coverage to save money, talk to your agent!
  • One of my umpiring partners ordered the wrong size hat, which coincidentally was my size. I offered to buy them from him, we made a deal, and for $10 and two rooted plant cuttings I had two brand new hats! I saved $17. (update: he sent me photos and the two little plants are doing so well!)
  • My boss had a huge amount of bubble wrap and gave it to me for my online selling. It would've cost me a small fortune and I'm grateful they passed it on to me!
  • The meal prep company I work for has been bought by a small health food grocery store and they offer their expired shrink stock to employees. It's been really nice since I literally don't have time to go to the grocery store.
  • I walked into Kroger one evening and their 2lbs strawberry containers were only $1.88 each. That's an insane deal!
  • I went to Target for my prescription and managed to only get that, no extras.
Send me your thrifty habits!


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