Sunday, May 26, 2019

aldi haul

Today I stopped by Aldi to pick up a few things and got some great deals. I scored the loaf of bread for $1.19, which was a little higher than the 85¢ white loaf, but I wanted the whole grain. The pound of lunch meat was $2.99 and one of our favorites, the smoked white cheddar, was $2.69. That will makes sandwiches for a couple weeks. The roma tomatoes were only 99¢, which I wouldn't be able to pick up that many that cheap elsewhere. I have a pound of ground chicken (bought on markdown) in the freezer that I picked up the large $1.49 jar of taco sauce and 65¢ tortillas to use with for taco night.

My total was $10.25, making each item roughly $1.66.


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