Thursday, February 7, 2019

thrifty thursday #12

  • I've cleared out several more pieces in my Poshmark and Mercari shops. They're older items so I'm not making a fortune, but I'm happy to replace them with new things. I've now trained Kyle to save all packaging from things we receive, so I'm using up boxes and mailers!
  • On a trip to Food Lion (which cost me nothing thanks to the giftcard we received for Christmas), I made 25¢ via ibotta on an any item rebate.
  • I put the last $3.49 of a Visa gift card I'd received toward a medical bill. It keeps that card from sitting unused and potentially losing that balance!
  • I picked up a bone in, fully cooked, hickory smoked ham from Food Lion on markdown for only $5.08 for almost 7 pounds. I don't eat ham, but I heated it last night, portioned it out, and froze three bags and the bone for the future and left one bag in the fridge for Kyle's lunches.
  • Before I left for work one day I started a pound of black beans in the slow cooker. They'll be ready by the time I get home and I'll portion them into some freezer bags and use them up. I even got them on markdown for about a dollar a bag.
  • In another Food Lion trip, I earned $2.35 via ibotta.
  • I cancelled a couple channels on Amazon Video so I'll save $10 a month. I mean, do we really need Boomerang? Haha.
How have you saved or made money this week?


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