Thursday, January 24, 2019

thrifty thursday #11

  • I received 9¢ back via ibotta last month for buying an eBook copy of Bird Box by Josh Malerman. I highly recommend it (though it is much darker than the movie)!
  • The new year has brought some new decluttering habits, including my inbox. I've been deleting emails and unsubscribing from email mailing lists, saving myself from tempting sales.
  • I was just looking at phone stands for my desk at work and then the next day a company rep came in with some! Saved me $7.
  • Another item sold via so I'm just waiting for enough to cash out. I wish they'd reopen inbound shipments!
  • During the snowy weekend I chopped up some sweet peppers and froze them for another day, along with three bananas that Kyle had let brown on the counter.
  • I picked up a second job working one day a week at a local meal prep company. It's laborious, but easy work prepping and since they only cook once a week, we all get to take our pick of the extras from the day. I brought home some chicken breast, a whole bag of turkey meatballs, some kale slaw, and grape tomatoes. These will definitely help us pad out the grocery budget for the week.
How have you saved or made some money this week?

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