Wednesday, January 2, 2019

no spend & declutter january

For the month of January I decided to challenge myself to a no-spend month to start the new year off on the right foot. We spent way too much this holiday season, so we need to recoup a little. I've really been needing to save up some money and my spending habits (a snack here, Taco Bell there, cheap beauty products at Ross) have gotten a little out of control. So here we are! Hopefully this challenge will reset some of my bad habits. I gave myself a few rules:
  • Buy only necessities. // I consider necessities as food, medication, bills, and gas. Obviously things come up, but no spur of the moment eating out or going by Target and picking up random cosmetics.
  • No stockpiling beforehand. // I have an ungodly amount of cosmetics/personal hygiene products/cleaning supplies. I need to use the older suckers up so I can replace them completely with cruelty free versions.
  • Declutter. // We live in a tiny one bedroom apartment. I have too much stuff in general, so if I can't use it when I'm not buying new things, why do I need it at all?
Things I most definitely won't be buying:
  • Bath & Beauty // As stated above, I have waaaaaay too many products.
  • Books // I could read for years and not buy a new book.
  • Clothing // Either wear it or get rid of it.
  • Fast Food // It's not even good for you.
I'm hoping to not only get rid of a lot of things, but to put a little money into savings, too.

Have you ever done a no-spending challenge? If you have tips, leave them in the comments!

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