Wednesday, December 5, 2018

zero waste food storage

I am a jar fiend. I don't like to buy food in plastic containers if I can help it so I end up with tons of different shaped jars. Most of them come in really handy for storing spices, hair clips, the usual. However, some are better suited as food storage! This is a salsa jar that's great for leftovers like mac and cheese. And the cost? Whatever the salsa cost and that's it. I'd say I got my money's worth and kept something out of the landfill.

You know the best things about jars? They seal completely, unlike Glad or Tupperware. Yes, they're certainly breakable, but I can safely transport sauces and dressings in what was once a pesto jar and not worry about it leaking all over my lunch bag.

So start saving those jars! Start taking a second look at what you're buying and opt for glass jars. Salsa, pasta sauce, pesto, yogurt...they can all come in glass that you can easily reuse!

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