Thursday, December 13, 2018

thrifty thursday #9

  • I picked up a Christmas gift from the post office and they charged me $13.50 in due postage. I contacted Amazon about the charge and they simply asked for a copy of the receipt and refunded me.
  • Typically on Mondays we go out to dinner after umpire training. We love eating out and this was our compromise to stop spending so much money on food - once a week and done. Last night, due to snow, training became a webinar. Kyle went out to pick up a Christmas gift and was going to stop for Chick-fil-a, but they were closed. That was our signal to eat in. We had sandwiches and split pea soup out of the cabinet instead.
  • I received $2.50 via ibotta from our snowstorm stock up at Kroger. Tortilla chips, popcorn, wine, and an any item rebate! Later in the week at Target I redeemed another 25¢ any item offer.
  • Another six orders between Poshmark and Mercari were shipped out! I managed to pilfer the plastic bags (with suffocation warning) from our pots and pans set to use to package items along with some moving boxes and mailers I received in the mail.
  • Not as frugal as it is environmentally friendly, but I sent off for some recycling envelopes from HP to send in some empty ink cartridges from the office.
  • I cashed out my points on Microsoft Rewards for a $5 Walmart giftcard.
Leave your thrifty tips in the comments! :)

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