Friday, December 7, 2018

no food waste friday

  • I brought home some delicious leftovers from when Kyle's mother cooked us dinner.
  • There are way too many condiments in our fridge and I've been slowly working to use them up so they don't go to waste when we move.
  • Recently I placed a order for some lunch items and picked up a four pack of miso soup packets for $3.98. I figured a 99¢ soup lunch wasn't bad. Well...turns out I didn't like them. Kyle said he'd try them, but we may end up putting the mixes into some bigger batches of soup.
  • One Saturday we went over to our friends' house and the group went and got snacks. I bought an entirely too large container of pasta salad and there was no way I'd eat it all at home and we didn't make much of a dent that night, so I brought it into the office to share.
  • I hodge-podged together a lunch at work of leftovers: half a sub, a bit of leftover soup, a slice of pizza, and a couple onion rings.
  • One can of Progresso soup is more than I usually eat, so I can get two days worth of lunches from a single can.
  • My boss brought in some coffee cake for us and it was delicious!
  • I brought leftovers from home in a salsa jar and cleaned out our fridge a bit.
How have you managed to save on wasting food?

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