Thursday, November 15, 2018

thrifty thursday #7

  • I used all recycled envelopes/boxes to ship out four Poshmark/Mercari orders. I have new (recycled plastic) polymailers, but if I can avoid using them in lieu of something I received in the mail, I do. It helps keep them out of the landfill a little longer and saves me a few pennies.
  • The last few weekends I've worked some fall baseball, so that'll help pad the apartment fund.
  • Speaking of apartments, we're moving soon! So I'm sure there'll be a lot more frugal posts because we gots to save some pennies.
  • I paid my car insurance on time to avoid a late fee and sent over a double payment to my mom for a debt I owe her to try to pay it off a little sooner.
  • While attending some open houses, I snagged a free bottle of water and a chocolate chip cookie.
  • I earned 55¢ back via Ibotta for a couple small trips to Food Lion, and then $5.33 with a bonus and cash back from Ulta. Always check Ibotta when you shop online!
  • Saturday I stopped by the office to grab the pizzas I'd ordered Friday so I could munch on them all weekend and my boss gave me a handful of honey cinnamon almonds. Nice tasty snack!
  • I've had a couple no spend days here lately, which is nice.

Frugal Fails
  • I grabbed a can of soup at the local store because I really wanted some and the can cost $3.49!!!! Ridiculously expensive, but I got it anyway to avoid the ten minute trip to the grocery store.

What are you frugal scores lately?

Sunday, November 11, 2018

bath & body works haul (with free item!)

Last week a nice little coupon for a free item (excluding three wick candles) from Bath & Body Works came through my email. The best part? The highest priced item was the free item! I typically tend to go through and finagle my cart to try to find the best deal, and I got a pretty good one this time.

I picked up three travel size items as they were 3/$12.50. I'll add the new scent of In The Stars body spray and the Hello Beautiful body lotion to my gift box. The Pretty as a Peach body wash will be added to my stockpile and the full-size Pretty as a Peach body spray was my free item, which knocked $14 off my total.

So with the $12.48 total plus $5.99 shipping, these came home for only $19.45. While I could've gone in store and saved that $6, I wasn't sure I'd have time with moving and work, so it was still a deal for me. I've added to my emergency gift box and I've secured a back up for my quickly dwindling body spray supply.

Have you grabbed any good deals lately?