Thursday, August 9, 2018

thrifty thursday #4

  • I sold another two items on and made $10.30. I'm hoping they open inbound shipments again soon so I can send more items in.
  • A few sales each on Poshmark and Mercari granted me a few more dollars. I need to really get listing and get rid of more things before we move.
  • While out in Illinois for a baseball tournament, I packed up my shoe cleaner and disinfectant so that I didn't have to buy new products while I was there.
  • I earned $3.75 cash back from PayPal for using my debit card that's attached to the account.
  • On my trip I carried my Tervis tumbler empty through security and filled it with free water from the bottle fillers at the airport.
  • I finally earned enough for a cashout from ibotta. It took a bit for the last few dollars to add up since it was mainly 25¢ 'any item' rebates, but a cool $2 online shopping rebate finally hit my account and boosted me over the $20 threshold.
  • While in Illinois, my roomate for the week and I tried to eat fairly cheaply, opting for fast casual restaurants instead of dine-in. It was nice to not only meet other women that umpire baseball, but also aligned with trying to spend less money.
  • I passed my licensing exam before I left for the trip and when I got back my boss ordered the office lunch as a congrats. ♥ 

Frugal Fails
  • I don't normally check a bag when I fly, opting to save the bag fee and cram everything in a carry-on, but I had to have all my umpire gear for the tournament in Illinois, costing me $50 in bag fees for the trip.
  • Since getting back, I've not had time to go to the grocery store so I stopped by McDonald's for lunch but did snag a free drink with a coupon on their app.

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