Friday, August 31, 2018

no food waste friday

  • The last cucumber I brought home from Mumma's had almost turned but I managed to cut it up and stick it in some pasta salad just in time.
  • I brought a slightly-past-date bottle of salad dressing to the office so I can use it up quickly on lunches.
  • I combined the last two jars of opened salsa together for a nice little snack. I've finally gotten it all out of the fridge and it was eaten, not tossed.
  • Used up the last of the mini bagels and added the bagel bag to my stash of bathroom bin bags.
  • There's a few jars of pickles and pickled vegetables still in the fridge that I'm working on now. I eat a few pickle chips as a snack every now and then.
  • Half a small container of rice was leftover from when my boss bought us lunch at the office (best boss ever) and it had gotten a little too hard for my taste but was still edible so the pups enjoyed it in their canned food.
  • Since we plan to move this fall, I'm trying to use up spices and condiments. I'm making a dent!
Food Waste Fails
  • I made too much pasta a couple times and have an aversion to reheated angel hair, my preferred noodle. A couple containers with small amounts of pasta went to waste, sadly.
  • A couple locally grown tomatoes I picked up grew mold spots really quickly so I tossed them.

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