Tuesday, August 14, 2018

how to save money at the ballpark

I am the target market for ballparks. I love ballpark food, souvenirs, and baseball. I've been to four games in Dayton and I've tried almost every food offering they have. I'm a sucker. That said, I've learned a few ways to save money.

Don't drink // Yeah, I know, there's nothing like a cold beer on a hot day at a ball game. But they're so overpriced. $6.50+ for a beer??? No, thanks. Try a local bar or brewery after the game if you want a drink.

Eat before you come // Most games are typically right after lunch or right after dinner, so just have a meal before you come so you're not tempted to buy the pricey food (unless you're me, who can eat a meal and still buy loaded nachos).

Bring your own snacks and a bottle of water // Check with the field first as some don't allow outside food and drink, but some will allow you to bring in some snacks or a bottle of water (use a Nalgene or Tervis to save waste!).

Don't spring for the pricey souvenirs // Y'all. I love souvenirs of all types. BUT, you can usually get two items fairly cheaply: basic snapback hats and shot glasses. That's if you really want something. There may also be a drink cup available for (usually) only a dollar more than a regular cup.

Focus on the game // If you're engaged in the game (and I do not mean yelling at the umpires) you're less likely to be up and walking around and potentially buying something.

There are more ways, but these are typically the major money-snaggers. Enjoy the game! ♥

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