Friday, August 31, 2018

no food waste friday

  • The last cucumber I brought home from Mumma's had almost turned but I managed to cut it up and stick it in some pasta salad just in time.
  • I brought a slightly-past-date bottle of salad dressing to the office so I can use it up quickly on lunches.
  • I combined the last two jars of opened salsa together for a nice little snack. I've finally gotten it all out of the fridge and it was eaten, not tossed.
  • Used up the last of the mini bagels and added the bagel bag to my stash of bathroom bin bags.
  • There's a few jars of pickles and pickled vegetables still in the fridge that I'm working on now. I eat a few pickle chips as a snack every now and then.
  • Half a small container of rice was leftover from when my boss bought us lunch at the office (best boss ever) and it had gotten a little too hard for my taste but was still edible so the pups enjoyed it in their canned food.
  • Since we plan to move this fall, I'm trying to use up spices and condiments. I'm making a dent!
Food Waste Fails
  • I made too much pasta a couple times and have an aversion to reheated angel hair, my preferred noodle. A couple containers with small amounts of pasta went to waste, sadly.
  • A couple locally grown tomatoes I picked up grew mold spots really quickly so I tossed them.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

thrifty thursday #5

  • I mailed off my cancellation request for my gym membership. I just wasn't using it so that should save me about $23 per month.
  • An order I'd made on Mercari a month ago never shipped so I cancelled it and got the $12 back directly to my card in a couple business days.
  • I'm now full time at the office so I adjusted my serving schedule so I'll still be there two days a week.
  • Sales on Mercari and Poshmark have been fruitful and frequent lately. Super happy!
  • I canceled my Hulu subscription as I've been using Netflix so much more, along with a few free shows on Facebook Watch (y'all, Sacred Lies is so, so good).
  • An order I'd placed on Amazon with Prime shipping, that I'd needed for Sunday, somehow was sent to the wrong address at no fault of my own. When I called to inquire, they gave me a $5 credit for the delay.
  • I've come to realize that the majority of my wardrobe came to me secondhand at a deep discount from retail. No shame. I kept things out of the landfill and didn't pay a fortune for clothing.
  • I earned $1.50 at Food Lion and 25¢ at Walmart via ibotta.
  • When I ordered Kyle's birthday gift I shopped around online a little and managed to find it for $15 cheaper on one website.
How have y'all been doing?

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

how to save money at the ballpark

I am the target market for ballparks. I love ballpark food, souvenirs, and baseball. I've been to four games in Dayton and I've tried almost every food offering they have. I'm a sucker. That said, I've learned a few ways to save money.

Don't drink // Yeah, I know, there's nothing like a cold beer on a hot day at a ball game. But they're so overpriced. $6.50+ for a beer??? No, thanks. Try a local bar or brewery after the game if you want a drink.

Eat before you come // Most games are typically right after lunch or right after dinner, so just have a meal before you come so you're not tempted to buy the pricey food (unless you're me, who can eat a meal and still buy loaded nachos).

Bring your own snacks and a bottle of water // Check with the field first as some don't allow outside food and drink, but some will allow you to bring in some snacks or a bottle of water (use a Nalgene or Tervis to save waste!).

Don't spring for the pricey souvenirs // Y'all. I love souvenirs of all types. BUT, you can usually get two items fairly cheaply: basic snapback hats and shot glasses. That's if you really want something. There may also be a drink cup available for (usually) only a dollar more than a regular cup.

Focus on the game // If you're engaged in the game (and I do not mean yelling at the umpires) you're less likely to be up and walking around and potentially buying something.

There are more ways, but these are typically the major money-snaggers. Enjoy the game! ♥

Thursday, August 9, 2018

thrifty thursday #4

  • I sold another two items on and made $10.30. I'm hoping they open inbound shipments again soon so I can send more items in.
  • A few sales each on Poshmark and Mercari granted me a few more dollars. I need to really get listing and get rid of more things before we move.
  • While out in Illinois for a baseball tournament, I packed up my shoe cleaner and disinfectant so that I didn't have to buy new products while I was there.
  • I earned $3.75 cash back from PayPal for using my debit card that's attached to the account.
  • On my trip I carried my Tervis tumbler empty through security and filled it with free water from the bottle fillers at the airport.
  • I finally earned enough for a cashout from ibotta. It took a bit for the last few dollars to add up since it was mainly 25¢ 'any item' rebates, but a cool $2 online shopping rebate finally hit my account and boosted me over the $20 threshold.
  • While in Illinois, my roomate for the week and I tried to eat fairly cheaply, opting for fast casual restaurants instead of dine-in. It was nice to not only meet other women that umpire baseball, but also aligned with trying to spend less money.
  • I passed my licensing exam before I left for the trip and when I got back my boss ordered the office lunch as a congrats. ♥ 

Frugal Fails
  • I don't normally check a bag when I fly, opting to save the bag fee and cram everything in a carry-on, but I had to have all my umpire gear for the tournament in Illinois, costing me $50 in bag fees for the trip.
  • Since getting back, I've not had time to go to the grocery store so I stopped by McDonald's for lunch but did snag a free drink with a coupon on their app.