Thursday, July 26, 2018

thrifty thursday #3

  • I earned more cash back via the Dosh app. Still small amounts, 35¢, 27¢, 10¢, 21¢. and 9¢, etc but it requires nothing but a linked card and a visit to eligible stores.
  • One super small grocery shop later, I was granted $3.45 via ibotta and then 20¢ off a box of pasta with a mobile coupon on top of my MVP card savings.
  • I've had three or four no spend days here recently. 
  • July 4th was another no spend day. I had forgotten to tell my serving job that the office was closed, so I had the day off. No cookouts, parades, or fireworks for me! I saved that gas money.
  • Thursday I went to Subway armed with a $6 foot-long coupon to stretch my gift card even further. The one sandwich provided me with lunch for two days.
  • The following Thursday I offered up a coupon to the office for a buy one footlong and a drink to get one free footlong text for Subway. My boss went to pick up the subs so I offered my $4 and something remaining gift card and some cash to cover mine, but he refused the cash. He used his rewards points and my gift card so all five of us ate fairly cheaply and had enough sub halves left over to eat the next day for lunch.
  • While out in Tennessee housesitting, I earned $8.25 over the course of the week via ibotta at Food City, and an additional 52¢ finally came through for a Sephora order I made back in April.
  • I only ate out once for lunch while in TN, and I did very minimal shopping. I picked up some necessities from the store to eat and it helped that I could raid my mom's pantry.
  • When I left to go home my mom sent me with a bunch of stuff! I now have several cucumbers, some squash and zucchini, and some absolutely amazing homemade pasta sauce.
Frugal Fails
  • On the trip out to Tennessee, I bought gas, a bottled water, a cup of fries, and a $14 dinner (plus tip). Sigh. I'd used up all my food stores since I was leaving for a week so I had nothing to pack.

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