Thursday, June 28, 2018

frugal recipe // goulash

My version of goulash is slightly different than the traditional "soup" way. Growing up, I loved pasta. As an adult, I still love pasta (much to Kyle's chagrin). When I was little, my mom would make her version of goulash and it was an extremely cost-effective and delicious meal. We had plenty for dinner and so many leftovers! This is how I make it now, which isn't that far off from my mom's version. It's definitely one of those feel-good nostalgic meals.

This recipe is so simple.


One pound elbow noodles
One half pound ground meat or meat replacement; I like Gardein's Ultimate Beefless Ground
One jar of pasta sauce
Desired spices; I use nutritional yeast, Italian seasoning, and black pepper

Brown the meat/meat replacement in a pan with spices, drain.
Cook the pasta to desired tenderness, then drain.
In a large bowl, combine the meat/meat replacement, pasta, and sauce.
Serve and top with your choice of cheeses, breadcrumbs, etc.

You're done! It makes a ton of food and if you play your cards right, you can make this for under $5.00 for the entire batch.


Wednesday, June 27, 2018

cheap fashion finds // under $10

While perusing my local Walmart last week I found two adorable pieces that I had to add to my collection. I seem to lack black sandals, so when I saw these Time and Tru Bow Slide Sandals for $6.97, they found their way into my cart along with the little druzy necklace for $2.88.

Grand total? $9.85 before tax.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

thrifty thursday #1

This is the first Thrifty Thursday on Frugal Bandit! You can find the previous archive over on Lucky Bandit here. TT is a collection of ways I made or saved money for the week(s). Here's this week's:
  • I didn't indulge in a single Memorial Day sale.
  • A while back I sent in a box of clothing to and finally sold my first item and I'm patiently waiting for the next payout date to receive my $2.42 via PayPal. It's small, but it counts!
  • Two Sundays were no spend days. I didn't leave the house and I ate more leftovers.
  • I made 50¢ via ibotta at Walmart a while back, and two pending rebates for 28¢ and 23¢ came through.
  • Two short server shifts at my (very) part-time job granted me $97 in tips. Not a fortune, but it'll help pad the house fund.
  • While tempted at the gas station, I refrained from buying something sweet (that Clif bar was calling to me).
  • I cashed out points I'd earned with Microsoft Rewards for a $5 Walmart giftcard. Sadly, I don't think PayPal cash is an option anymore.
  • The league I volunteer for has an amazing umpire-in-chief and he gave us $20 Subway gift cards for helping him out this past season. Really we should be gifting him things, but I'm going to stretch it as far as I can! Thanks, Coach!
  • On a trip to Food Lion, I managed to get $3.00 back with ibotta, saved $1.00 off an item by loading a coupon onto my VIP card, and I made another $1.00 via Saving Star. I grabbed a cheap cucumber for 54¢ after rebate, which is destined for a bowl of vinegar.
Frugal Fails
  • I redeemed a free pizza from Domino's, but I had it delivered as I was home with heat exhaustion, so I had to spend a little. I'll have numerous meals from it, though!
  • What I thought was a bad bout of heat rash turned out to be a severe allergic reaction to my laundry detergent. Many creams and dollars later, I'm still itchy. However, my last CVS stop granted me a 10% off coupon for my next trip.

Sunday, June 3, 2018


Hello! I'm Katelyn and I've been blogging for about ten years. My original lifestyle blog, Lucky Bandit, has been around as a hobby for a while. I started noticing that my frugal posts were starting to take over, so I decided to start Frugal Bandit and direct all my money saving and making ventures here.

You can still find the archive of Thrifty Thursday posts over on lb, but starting today they'll all be posted here. I want to start putting together some posts about how I make my passive income, how I save money on every day things, and more!

Stay tuned!

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