Saturday, March 21, 2020

things i decluttered in january/february

The new year! I don't make resolutions, but I've been continuing my decluttering journey!
  • Our autumn wreath and all of the Christmas decor, to the storage unit
  • A set of three mirrors I kept moving around the apartment, finally hung
  • An old, frayed charger, to Best Buy for recycling
  • A large stack of mail, dropped off at my mom's for their bonfire
  • Two Philodendrons that I inquired if my mom wanted, she did
  • Some bottles of body wash Kyle brought home from the road, used up and recycled
  • Several beauty empties, logged and recycled
  • A couple Amazon boxes and a Baseballism polymailer, recycled and used for Poshmark orders
  • A piece of Pampered Chef cookware, a cake stand, some candle warmers, and a stack of baseball candy dishes for our wedding, to the storage unit
  • Two pieces of clothing, sold via Poshmark
  • Medium bag of clothing, donated to the thrift shop that helps fund the children's hospital
  • Unfortunately, several house plants that just didn't make it (oops lol), to the bin
  • The toaster oven, we love it, but use our pots and pans more, to the storage unit
I do want to clarify that our storage unit is not where we assign things to die - we live in a 700sqft apartment. I only put things in the storage unit that I know we will use or are sentimental. We rotate things out as we need them, but we just can't feasibly keep every single thing in our living quarters.

More in the next few months!


Saturday, February 29, 2020

cvs carepass haul

A couple weeks ago CVS sent me a $10 coupon to use on their in house brand. I ended up going in on the last day and buying a party pack of tampons for literally zero dollars. The cashier convinced me to sign up for CVS Carepass. When I first heard about Carepass via a frugal Facebook group, I was against it. Why would anyone pay for coupons? But once I looked into it, I was sold. Carepass is $5 a month, but you get a $10 credit to use on anything. That's five free dollars that you can use on top of ECBs and coupons. There are drawbacks, definitely, but since I use CVS for my monthly prescription, I can benefit.

The first month is free, which renders a $10 credit. I used it to pick up this bottle of Tide (on sale for $5.94), a pack of scrunchies, and a 33¢ caramel for nothing out of pocket. My total was $10.06 (you lose what you don't spend, so shoutout to the cashier for pointing out the caramel (the same guy who signed me up!) for letting me know I need to utilize it all) and I ended up paying nothing out of pocket!

I intend to use Carepass for things we would normally buy - first aid, pain killers, allergy medications. Five dollars a month isn't nothing!


Tuesday, December 31, 2019

things i decluttered in november/december

I'm still decluttering! Here's what I got rid of in November and December:

  • A large bag of clothing, accessories, and two wax warmers to the thrift shop at work
  • A couple articles of clothing and accessories via my Poshmark shop
  • I sold a necklace display on the FB Marketplace for $10 and they picked it up
  • Some bars of soap Kyle gathered in his travels, to my best friends and some coworkers who will use them
  • All of the Christmas gifts we purchased for loved ones! I had them in a bin in my closet and I'm happy to have given them and reclaimed that space. :)
  • I gathered up a large stack of home, garden, and cooking magazines to take with me to my mom's
  • Out of that same stack, I'll be passing along Time and Smithsonian magazines to Kyle's brother
  • A large number of clippings and rooted plants as gifts to my mother, and a large Monstera separation to my niece
  • Our old printer (we got a new one for Christmas!) and an electric razor that no longer worked;  to Best Buy to be recycled
  • A friend at work and I had discussed castor oil for hair growth, so I filled up an extra dropper bottle and brought some to her
  • Several skincare and body products, used up and recycled
Throughout the new year I fully intend to declutter and downsize as much as possible. How are you tackling your clutter?


Friday, December 13, 2019

no food waste friday

  • At my previous meal prep job, whoever drained the tuna or salmon saves the water/oil for me from the several cans and I pour it over the pups' food as a little treat.
  • When I chopped broccoli at the kitchen, I save the little pieces that fall off onto the cutting board and add them to salads and pasta sauce.
  • We went through our (tiny) pantry and I pulled out everything close to the date and put it in a bin on the counter to use up so it didn't go to waste.

  • I had a zucchini left in the veggie bowl, so I sauteed it in some water mixed with taco seasoning when we made tacos and then chopped it up. It wasn't bad! I'd make it again!
  • We had a single grilled chicken breast and a single slice of flank steak left in the fridge so I sliced them thinly, sauteed it for a few minutes in water and taco seasoning and we made tacos again. (Can you see a pattern? Our go to dinner is tacos, haha.)
  • I pack odds and ends in Kyle's lunches so nothing goes to waste.
  • At my job I worked a few Christmas parties and we were able to bring home some of the catered leftovers. I brought home half a tray of green beans and a large container of slices turkey and mashed potatoes. I'll eat the potatoes, but I'll pack some green beans and turkey in Kyle's lunch.
How have you saved food waste lately? :)