Sunday, November 11, 2018

bath & body works haul (with free item!)

Last week a nice little coupon for a free item (excluding three wick candles) from Bath & Body Works came through my email. The best part? The highest priced item was the free item! I typically tend to go through and finagle my cart to try to find the best deal, and I got a pretty good one this time.

I picked up three travel size items as they were 3/$12.50. I'll add the new scent of In The Stars body spray and the Hello Beautiful body lotion to my gift box. The Pretty as a Peach body wash will be added to my stockpile and the full-size Pretty as a Peach body spray was my free item, which knocked $14 off my total.

So with the $12.48 total plus $5.99 shipping, these came home for only $19.45. While I could've gone in store and saved that $6, I wasn't sure I'd have time with moving and work, so it was still a deal for me. I've added to my emergency gift box and I've secured a back up for my quickly dwindling body spray supply.

Have you grabbed any good deals lately?

Monday, October 22, 2018

how to contact companies & (maybe) get coupons

I've contacted tons of companies in the last few years. Some with complaints, most with compliments. And almost all of them have sent me something in return. Once I was even sent a reusable tote bag for my compliment! Most recently, though, I had contacted Pure Leaf tea with both a compliment and complaint. I love their sweet tea (much to Kyle's chagrin) and told them such, but wanted to let them know that they fill their bottles so high that I've yet to open one without spilling it. Is this a dealbreaker? No. I still buy them, but they sent me some coupons for two free bottles. I was quite pleased.

That said, there isn't really a wrong way to contact companies unless you're rude and over the top. Here's what I do:

Keep correspondence private // I've tweeted to brands before but I really prefer to keep correspondence private. I go to the company's website and find their contact page. From there, I specify the nature of my business and try to get it directly to whom it needs to go.

Only send a comment/compliment/complaint if it's legitimate // Making up things to get coupons is rude and deceitful and just puts a sour taste in the company's mouth so it ends up hurting us all.

Don't go into it thinking you're owed something // Most companies will send you coupons, and occasionally freebies, for your feedback. That said, companies don't have to send you anything. It's totally up to them and their policies.

Your mileage may vary, of course, but it never hurts to show appreciation (and sometimes disappointment) with your feedback! Even if you don't get anything, you may have helped someone have a better day or pushed them to continue to create more products you'll love, or discontinue things that may be missing their mark. Just keep it professional and courteous!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

thrifty thursday #6

  • I've made quite a few nice sales on Mercari and Poshmark and I've continued listing things, so hopefully more stuff gets out of here. I've recently added Vinted into my app repertoire and had my first sale!
  • I received $1.47 in cashback from PayPal for using the debit card connected to that account.
  • Apparently, my 15 year anniversary (!!) has come around with Verizon, so they sent me a $20 Amazon gift card. Works for me!
  • During a last minute grocery visit, I earned $2.25 back via ibotta and $1 via Saving Star.
  • Another two items sold on and I'll be receiving $3.65 in my PayPal account. Pennies make dollars.
  • I cashed out my points for another $5 Walmart gift card via Microsoft Rewards.
  • To celebrate Coffee Day, Verizon sent me a $5 Starbucks gift card. I didn't use it for a coffee, but instead got a Teavana Peach Citrus White Tea Infused Lemonade.
  • I redeemed a Museum Day ticket for a local museum and saved $10 on admission.
  • I've been reading a ton lately and I've loaded up on free ebooks and it's saved me loads of data I would've used up while browsing senseless social media.
  • FINALLY earned enough points on Achievement for a $10 payout.
How have you done lately?

Friday, August 31, 2018

no food waste friday

  • The last cucumber I brought home from Mumma's had almost turned but I managed to cut it up and stick it in some pasta salad just in time.
  • I brought a slightly-past-date bottle of salad dressing to the office so I can use it up quickly on lunches.
  • I combined the last two jars of opened salsa together for a nice little snack. I've finally gotten it all out of the fridge and it was eaten, not tossed.
  • Used up the last of the mini bagels and added the bagel bag to my stash of bathroom bin bags.
  • There's a few jars of pickles and pickled vegetables still in the fridge that I'm working on now. I eat a few pickle chips as a snack every now and then.
  • Half a small container of rice was leftover from when my boss bought us lunch at the office (best boss ever) and it had gotten a little too hard for my taste but was still edible so the pups enjoyed it in their canned food.
  • Since we plan to move this fall, I'm trying to use up spices and condiments. I'm making a dent!
Food Waste Fails
  • I made too much pasta a couple times and have an aversion to reheated angel hair, my preferred noodle. A couple containers with small amounts of pasta went to waste, sadly.
  • A couple locally grown tomatoes I picked up grew mold spots really quickly so I tossed them.