Thursday, February 4, 2021

thrifty thursday #21

Here's how I've saved or made a buck lately!
  • Heated up a large bag of chili that my mom gave me and I had in the freezer in my dutch oven and added some quinoa to it for added protein and then served it over mashed potatoes.
  • Selling excess items on Facebook Marketplace and it's been slow but lucrative.
  • Bought a new stick vacuum for my primarily laminate floored apartment, so I sold my older upright vacuum to a friend and made $20.
  • Started a great new job with a significant pay raise, so I'm excited to not struggle so much, haha.
  • Several items have moved on Poshmark and Mercari. Less clutter, more cash!
  • While I did buy a new car, I let the SiriusXM run out and didn't renew.
  • Utilized gas station rewards programs to save money off fuel and items.
  • Shopped for groceries with coupons.
  • Ordered lunch via apps and scored free meals at Wendy's and Burger King via rewards and coupons. (I eat out about once a week and let the rewards points add up)
  • Gave feedback about a very poorly made sandwich I got from Panera and received a reward for a free sandwich (be sure to compliment companies, too!)
  • Picked up a local offering of free used bubble and poly mailers that I can reuse to ship items
  • Dunkin' has free coffee every Monday in February for rewards members!
Share your money-saving ways in the comments!


Friday, July 24, 2020

no food waste friday

  • I made soup in my new dutch oven and used up a lot of freezer foods! A bag of frozen diced chicken, edamame, some black bean juice.
  • That same soup let me use up some pantry items as well. Quinoa, lentils, great northern beans, potato flakes, and diced tomatoes!
  • I half steamed a bag of Brussels sprouts that were in the freezer, then put them in a cast iron pan and cooked them until they were crisp. I added parmesan cheese in the pan and then the last of our balsamic vinaigrette once they were in the serving bowl.
  • I picked up some ricotta for lasagna soup and didn't have anything else to use it in, so I made ravioli soup the next week and used more. The last few spoonfuls I finished up in pasta sauce.
  • I blended up the last five inches of a french bread loaf to use for bread crumbs, mixed with parsley, black pepper, salt, and garlic powder.
  • We had a few chicken wings leftover from a take out order, so I stripped the meat from the bone, shredded it, and added it to a pasta salad I made.
  • I didn't have any crushed tomatoes for vegan lentil taco meat, so I pulsed a can of stewed tomatoes in the food processor.
  • For some reason I had about a half cup of pasta left in a bag, so I poured it in with some rotini I cooked for tuna salad, which also used up the last can of tuna.
  • My best friend offered me the rest of a pizza they wouldn't eat and a couple garden squash. So grateful!
  • I pulled a container of frozen black beans out of the freezer and added them to a pot of chili I made.


Thursday, April 23, 2020

thrifty thursday #20

  • We were lazy one night and ordered a pizza for takeout (not frugal) BUT we received 30% off for whatever reason at Papa John's, so it made it slightly better.
  • I air dry my work clothes as often as possible. I only have two work shirts and two pairs of work pants, so I try to coordinate my laundry with other everyday laundry.
  • We opened up a free sample of Lion Hawaiian Coffee in our resusable k-pod and it's very good!
  • I started my annual seeds and hope it pays off! I only managed a few tomatoes last year, but hopefully I get more this year.
  • I'm an essential employee at a retirement community so I've been fortunate to continue working. Wash your hands! Stay home!
  • I ordered my free birthday gift from Sephora.
  • Someone was looking for a plant in my local group, so I separated one of mine and sold it to her for $2.
  • Kroger tailors their mailed coupons based on your frequent purchases so we received $2.15 off items we would have bought anyway, in addition to 25¢ back via ibotta.
  • In that same Kroger trip, I managed to score two pre-marinaded chicken breasts for 99¢ marked down from $5. We went shopping on 4/15 and they were dated for 4/17. I picked them right up and put them in the freezer.
What are some ways you've saved or made money lately?


Saturday, March 21, 2020

things i decluttered in january/february

The new year! I don't make resolutions, but I've been continuing my decluttering journey!
  • Our autumn wreath and all of the Christmas decor, to the storage unit
  • A set of three mirrors I kept moving around the apartment, finally hung
  • An old, frayed charger, to Best Buy for recycling
  • A large stack of mail, dropped off at my mom's for their bonfire
  • Two Philodendrons that I inquired if my mom wanted, she did
  • Some bottles of body wash Kyle brought home from the road, used up and recycled
  • Several beauty empties, logged and recycled
  • A couple Amazon boxes and a Baseballism polymailer, recycled and used for Poshmark orders
  • A piece of Pampered Chef cookware, a cake stand, some candle warmers, and a stack of baseball candy dishes for our wedding, to the storage unit
  • Two pieces of clothing, sold via Poshmark
  • Medium bag of clothing, donated to the thrift shop that helps fund the children's hospital
  • Unfortunately, several house plants that just didn't make it (oops lol), to the bin
  • The toaster oven, we love it, but use our pots and pans more, to the storage unit
I do want to clarify that our storage unit is not where we assign things to die - we live in a 700sqft apartment. I only put things in the storage unit that I know we will use or are sentimental. We rotate things out as we need them, but we just can't feasibly keep every single thing in our living quarters.

More in the next few months!